JEFF HUNTER | Personal Stylist, Rodes for Him and for Her

As a personal stylist at Rodes For Him and For Her, Jeff Hunter is a paragon of style in the local community. During regular times, it’s very common to see him out and about, cheerful, and always impeccably dressed. “I’m usually very social at events or dinners, so for my personality, this quarantine situation has been tough,” Jeff observes.

Luckily, Jeff’s heart is as strong as his sense of style. He’s found an outlet for his extra time and energy in the form of putting his culinary skills to work in the service of medical care professionals. “With everything on their minds right now, the last thing that doctors need to be thinking is what they will have to make themselves for dinner,” he says. “I’m more than happy to be able to help.”

It’s been nice for Jeff as he used to cook for as many as five before his kids were grown, and after recently becoming widowed, he has been adjusting to making meals for just himself. Now, four times a week, Jeff prepares a variety of large meals, including grilled salmon, casseroles, lasagna, and scrumptious desserts like pound cake. He delivers all this food to different doctor friends around town. “The people at the grocery look at me like I’m crazy when I’m getting all these boxes to deliver the food in, and I’ve even used Rodes boxes a few times,” Jeff says with a laugh. “I have to put the deliveries on the sidewalk outside, then text to have them come down to pick it up. Sometimes, they have time to talk for a moment from six feet away. I’m just so happy to be of help.”

The last thing that doctors need to be thinking is what they will have to make themselves for dinner. “Im more than happy to be able to help.

Posted on 2020-05-12 by By Dawn Anderson and Rocko Jerome • Courtesy Photos