Witches and ghosts and goblins have been hiding and making not a sound. All that’s about to change. And they’re not waiting until October 31 to make an appearance, thanks to Halloween lovers like Anna Hickman and Jack Mathis.

Hickman, store manager and floral buyer at Dee’s, and Mathis, owner of Work the Metal, aren’t into the freaky, spooky surprises of the holiday but they like it so much that they’ve been planning for it since January. Their crazy good fun begins when they attend the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market to buy merchandise for their stores. Hickman also visits the market in Dallas and Mathis taps into his various reps for additional items.

Dee’s is a haven for everything you need to create your own Halloween décor and accoutrements. “I always suggest that people start with the front door. If you don’t want to decorate a banister or kitchen, working with the front door won’t overwhelm you, and it can give you the confidence to go from there, so you might think, ‘Now I can do the entryway.’ Also, the front door sends a strong message in addition to making you feel proud you did something yourself,” says Hickman.

Wreaths and swags, often decked out in colorful ribbon, are popular among Dee’s do-it-yourselfers. The store carries 55 different styles of ribbon available by the roll or yard. Part of the DIY floral selections are wreath adornments that come as kits in a bag. She especially likes the cat, Frankenstein or a mummy that can be wired onto a wreath.

Hickman enjoys working with customers who are eager to try their handiwork on a wreath for their own home, but she takes it in stride when someone needs to make ten wreaths for an event such as a school festival. Even for those people who think they can’t make something themselves, Dee’s gives them the ideas to do it, whether it’s through one-on-one help from the store’s designers or on Dee’s YouTube channel.

Dee’s has a trove of decorative accents that need no craftiness whatsoever. They’re ready to be bought and displayed in any home that’s ready for some Halloween spirit. “We try to bring in the bright colorful stuff. We don’t carry creepy,” says Hickman. One of her favorite pieces is a glitter eyeball on a stem. Spiders on stems and witch hats on a stick also appeal to an irresistible silliness that epitomizes Dee’s take on Halloween. The wide range of Halloween home décor items includes pillows, hand towels, ready-made wreaths, ceramics, florals and figurines. The Dee’s folks also have an eye for Halloween jewelry and fascinators. The fascinators are a quick and easy way for adults to show some holiday style. A spider fascinator with tulle, feathers and big, googly eyes is the perfect accessory for a quirky Halloween fashionista.

“So many people get excited about Halloween decorations. For some of them, Halloween is even bigger than Christmas as far as home décor,” says Mathis. When he first spotted a line of pumpkins with jazzy twists like sequins, orange and black stripes, and black and white polka dots, he knew they would be a hit among his clientele.

Being a person who doesn’t want to ignore the outside of a home for Halloween, he points to a solar-powered pumpkin that’s decorated like a witch and lights up at night as a sure-fire eye catcher.

Mathis’ sense of humor is evident throughout the store. Rather than Home Sweet Home, the message on a set of coasters reads Tomb Sweet Tomb. And he probably can’t help grinning when he passes by a wall hanger that declares If the boom fits, ride it.