For over 40 years, Elite Built Homes has been a business synonymous with excellence. The locally-owned building company brings a long history of expertise, experience, and a commit- ment to excellence in building homes. “It’s an imperfect process, but we chase perfection every day,” says Joe Pusateri, CEO. “We constantly strive to be the very best builder that we can be.” 

There’s a misconception that the art of building homes has diminished over the years. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thirty years ago, builders were unaware of radon, mold, and other issues that are paramount today. “Building has evolved at a rapid pace. Our team strives to keep abreast of new technology and up-to-date on the latest science.”

Elite has always been a name that you can trust, with a devotion to taking care of customers. Elite believes deeply in identifying new products and tech- niques that will eliminate future issues for homeowners. This may mean increasing the cost for certain materials in order to reduce future maintenance costs. When you work with Elite, you can expect to save money in the long run; not only on upkeep, but also in lower utility bills. Elite has been building energy efficient homes since 1982, back when that idea was brand new. They have remained at the vanguard ever since.

Providing a strong acumen, a rare insight into the process of homebuilding to each they serve, and a devotion to maintaining customer satisfaction, an Elite Built Home is the one that you can expect to stand the test of time.

Posted on 2019-09-06 by Rocko Jerome