Those who know the history of Louisville might not have guessed that the Butchertown area of the past would become a popular neighborhood, with coveted homes attracting young professionals. They are attracted by the allure of living closer to their downtown workplaces, easing the transit times in their lives. 

Formerly on the verge of being a bit dilapidated, the revitalization of the homes and new businesses in the surrounding area have built an appealing package to consider while looking for a new place to call home. A certain local realtor had a spectacular vision on this matter and years ago began working with a developer in NuLu to rebuild this district, revitalizing the historic buildings and bringing in exciting new tenants. Meet Scott Howe of HOWE Real Estate. Scott’s wife, Mo McKnight Howe, is a local business owner herself- she’s the proprietor of Revelry Boutique Gallery in the NuLu neighborhood. 

The two made the choice to live in the area, as well. “As we were building our careers in NuLu, Scott had the foresight to realize that Butchertown would be an amazing place to purchase property before what we call the “Butchertown Boom”. I love historic homes so I was excited to get into the 1800 sq. foot house and see how we could make it our own with respecting the home and its history, while making modern adjustments to fulfill what he loved about homes. This home is a great mix of the both of us.”

Walking into the home, you’re immediately immersed into a modern bohemian environment with art and light, making for a very zen living room. The couple utilizes Sonos speakers, allowing guests to enjoy custom music playing in each room.  

The kitchen is connected with the option to close the original pocket doors. These date back to 1846 when the house was built. The vertical design component is an element that carries through both rooms. 

“The original crown molding around the windows was covered with a drop ceiling from the previous owners in the 1980’s,” Mo says. “We had one of our friends, Mitchell Kersting, come over to help us figure out what was going on with the frame around the window and he got on a ladder and just punched his hand through the ceiling to reveal that there was another few feet above it so we ripped it out to showcase the beautiful architecture of our shotgun home. Then we moved onto the floors. There were four layers of flooring covering the original flooring. We went through layer after layer until we finally got to the original heart pine wood floors. It was beautiful. We finished them and filled in spaces that had holes but otherwise it’s exactly as they were when the house was built.”

As the couple settled into their home, they saved money to renovate their bathroom, as well as the floor in the hallway. The original bathroom wasn’t spacious enough to fit their needs. While renovating that space, they decided to place a new boho themed floor to lead from the kitchen to the bathroom. The result is fabulously modern. 

“We really love our home,” Mo says.  “We want to do so much more with our upstairs space to give me an art studio. I walk to work, we walk around the neighborhood to spend time with friends, eating out, and appreciating this historical neighborhood. Our friends live around us. It’s as though we have our own little retreat in the city and it’s quite a dream.”

Posted on 2019-07-08 by Bella Portaro-Keuber, Photos by J.L. Jordan Photography