Our resident event planners not only produce a lot of events, but they go to plenty of them too. Here, Marcella Kragel and Ina Miller share new décor and theme ideas that can energize your parties, your homes and your lives.

As event planners we try and stay ahead of trends, but don’t get us a wrong, we don’t consider “trendy” to be a dirty word. While we always love to hear, “I’ve never seen that before,” we also love to build on inspiration from our peers.

Here, we share some of our favorite event trends as we head into the fall and holiday party seasons. While they will hopefully inspire your next gathering, we believe these ideas aren’t necessarily confined to events. Whether it’s home décor, office culture or even out-of-the-box ideas for a night out, these trends can keep you on the cutting edge of what’s new.

Engaging guests. It used to be all about the food and drink, but guest engagement and interactive activities are becoming increasingly popular. You might say it all started with the now standard photobooth, but many events have moved beyond the black box to more interactive photo opportunities. Neon light installations, interactive props and versatile backdrops make your event that much more impactful. Many events are taking it a step further with interactive opportunities beyond photos. Some examples of this that we have incorporated in our events include interactive art projects, professionally-led liquor tastings, and hair and make-up bars for guests.

Unusual venues. We always try and inspire our clients to think out of the box when considering a venue. You can introduce your guests to a new place, end up with event photos that don’t look like anyone else’s, and allow your vendors to flex their creative muscles with new inspiring spaces to work within. Some of our favorite examples include a favorite store, libraries or a beloved neighborhood bar.

Pantone-inspired parties. We are big fans of the Pantone color deck and use them for everything. Not only do the color names inspire fun ideas, but Pantone helps out every year by announcing the Color of the Year. This year’s color was Ultra Violet, a soft, muted purple that reminds us of a sultry outdoor dinner party under the stars. In addition to their Color of the Year, they create exciting new color palette’s that will inspire anyone to throw a party or redecorate their home.

Going green. Being kind to the environment is top of mind right now, as it should be. Green thinking has changed more than décor; it’s impacted etiquette. Electronic invites are no longer considered rude, but environmentally friendly and economical. Reducing an event’s carbon footprint is becoming a priority that is driving decision-making. Natural, organic décor like potted plants and trees are providing an alternative to plastic props that wind up in the waste basket. Seasonal and locally grown food is inspiring menu options and more caterers are offering compostable products and ensuring that items are properly disposed of and recycled at the end of an event.

High concept themes. While we love a good theme as much as anyone, we are challenging our clients to expand on what a theme can really mean. Say goodbye to “shabby chic” and the “Roaring 1920s,” and say hello to events inspired by a favorite playlist, adjective or feeling. While these types of themes could be described as vague, they let actually event producers think outside of the box and make your event one-of-a-kind.


Posted on 2018-09-07 by Marcella Kragel and ina miller