Jeremy Curran has enjoyed a long career in business; he has been involved in creating and managing several companies over the past few decades. But his latest venture with Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath has a different purpose.

Jeremy grew his entrepreneurial spirit over the years that he worked in the security and janitorial business with his wife, Amy, and her father. They developed and managed several companies that focused on downtown cleaning and safety programs, contract security and event management projects across the country. Although the family sold the company in 2008, Jeremy stayed on as president until 2014. The business grew exponentially and Jeremy was traveling two to three days a week for two to three weeks a month. “I missed my wife, kids, friends and family,” Jeremy says. “It was an all-consuming job...I could never control the traveling.”

He missed many of his daughters’ field hockey and volleyball games, and even though he didn’t know what he would do next, he left his job. It was a dramatic change for the whole family with dad home every day, week, and month. “I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Jeremy says about that time getting closer to daughters Olivia, now 20, and Taylor, now 22, both currently at Miami University in Ohio. “Before, it was like my wife was single parenting at times. I never realized how difficult that was until I was there full time. It was important for me to be there for them, as a husband and a parent.”

He worked on his home for six months and learned some new skills. The businessman had always enjoyed remodeling; he had been the contractor for several previous personal and office projects, but his entrepreneurial spirit was not dead. “I needed a new business to start--my business,” Jeremy says. So, he looked around for a while, searching for the perfect venture, until he found a kitchen and bathroom company for sale, which started the wheels turning. Jeremy would start his own kitchen and bath company in February of 2015.

Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath was named after the biblical scripture Ephesians 2:20, which states that Christ is the cornerstone of the foundation, indicating that “In him the whole building is joined together.” Jeremy and Amy chose this scripture to be a reminder to them that God is the foundation of their life together. “When I am intentional to put my relationship with Christ above all else, everything else will fall into place,” says Jeremy. “I want to honor Him in the way I go about everyday life, whether it be in my business or at home.” The Curran family and the family at Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath hope to reflect that desire in the way they live, work and serve daily.

Along with wife Amy and long-time friend and business partner, Kevin Colvin, Jeremy has created a close-knit team that focuses on offering quality design and superior customer service. The Cornerstone team is not complete without its designers, Kimberly Brown and Chiara Dixon, and its Operations Manager, Daniel Donnell. “I couldn’t be prouder of my team at Cornerstone,” Jeremy comments. “They really go the extra mile to serve our clients well and to cultivate an excellent rapport with those they work with on a daily basis.”

Cornerstone provides three lines of manufactured cabinets along with a custom Amish line, four lines of hardware for drawers and doors, and all conceivable countertop options from granite, quartz, marble, laminate and custom wood. They offer design services, planning and installation of cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms and powder rooms, laundry rooms, bars, custom built-in fireplace surrounds and home office/ home organization options.

As far as trends go, Jeremy says many customers are still choosing neutrals for their cabinetry, including whites and various grays, but they are using pops of colors on kitchen islands, basement bars and coffee bars. Cabinetry manufacturers are beginning to offer a large variety of colors to use as cabinetry options. With the current pandemic, many families are focusing on home organization and work areas with lockers and cubbies. “People are looking to incorporate homeschooling and working from home into their life, but don’t necessarily want it at the kitchen table,” Jeremy says. “The kitchen remains a focus also, because in 2020, people are cooking more and spending more time there. They are realizing that it’s the center of the home, so they’re looking at the kitchen with a different eye these days.”

“I would say what sets us apart at Cornerstone is the way we connect with our clients and the way we work together as a team. There is a personal touch involved,” says Jeremy. “Our desire is to do all things to the best of our ability and to give God the glory along the way. At the end of the day, our greatest desire is to walk with Him and to let Him lead. If we keep this as our priority, we can trust the end results.” The family’s business practices what they preach and gives back to the community, as each year, they pick a local, national and international charity in which to give a portion of their proceeds.

“Whether it be remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, it’s stressful.” Jeremy says, so frequent communication and planning is crucial. “We keep everything in order and finish in a timely fashion. What sets Cornerstone apart from our competition is the experience that we provide and the quality of the team.” For more information on Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath, go to

Posted on 2020-12-02 by By Taylor Riley | Photos by Dick Arnspiger